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About Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Brighton

About Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

The EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings (2002/91/EC) requires EU Member States to 'ensure that when buildings are constructed, sold or rented out, an energy performance certificate is made available to the owner or by the owner to the prospective buyer or tenant, as the case might be.' [ more.. ]

In England it is now a mandatory requirement for all homes to have an EPC before they are marketed for sale or in the case of rental property before any prospective tenants are shown round. [ more.. ]

The introduction of Energy Performance Certificates is intended to help gain understanding of the energy efficiency of the English housing stock, whilst at the same time showing householders what they can do to make their homes more energy efficient.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average home can save up to £ 300 per year by following the recommendations of a home energy check. [ more.. ]

Each Energy Performance Certificate includes an A to G energy efficiency rating that indicates the overall efficiency efficiency of a home. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient it is. It also indicates the potential for improvement and gives a list of the low cost and higher cost measures that would need to be undertaken to achieve this potential rating. The certificate also includes an environmental CO2 rating that indicates your home's impact on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions as well as the potential for improvement. The higher the rating, the less impact it has on the environment.